British Columbia Hospice Pallative Care Association


Video/Book Catalogue Companies:

There are a number of different catalogue companies: some who specialize in the area of death, dying and bereavement. Most companies produce new catalogues each year.

Aquarius Health Care Videos
5 Powderhouse Lane
P.O. Box 1159
Sherborn, Massachusetts, 01770
Phone: (508)651-2963 Fax: (508)650-4216

Baywood Publishing Company, Inc.
26 Austin Avenue
Amityville, NY
U.S.A. 11701
Phone: 1-800-638-7819 Fax: (516)691-1770

Compassion Books
477 Hannah Branch Rd.
Burnsville, NC 28714
Phone: (704)675-5909 Fax: (704)675-9687

National AIDS Clearing House
1565 Carling Ave., Ste. 400
Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8R1
Phone: (613)725-3729 Fax: (613)725-1205

National Hospice Organization
Suite 901, 1901 North Moore St.
Arlington, Virginia
U.S.A. 22209
Phone: (703)243-5900 Fax: (703) 525-5762

Research Press
Colwell Systems Limited
60 Rankin Street
Waterloo, Ontario N2V 1V9
Phone: 1-800-265-3375 Fax:(519)747-0062

The Haworth Press, Inc.
10 Alice Street
Binghamton, NY 13904-1580
Phone: 1-800-HAWORTH Fax: 1-800-895-0582